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These are five tips to help carry your baby in the baby carrier



These are five tips to help carry your baby in the baby carrier

You’ll find the ideal position for you and your baby with the help of the German Trageschule (experts about carrying children). Do you have difficulty adjusting your baby carrier? Is your baby not sitting correctly in the baby carrier? Here are some tips and tricks to help you carry your baby.

Support your child’s head correctly

When you are carrying your baby, is their entire head supported? Are their necks supported when they are awake? If they don’t, you might need to add support. You can also fold your baby carrier’s “flap” up. To give extra support, you could also roll up a hydrophilic/tetra/sunshade.

Baby carrier must be well adjusted

Be careful not to overstretch the baby carrier. Make sure your child has enough space to move and breath freely. You should allow your child to have approximately two fingers space between their chins and the chest of the person bringing them. Your child should reach the ideal height for kissing.

BABYmatters tip Does baby wheeze, snore, or cough? You might find that your baby’s airways are not fully free. In this case, you may need to loosen the straps.

Other carrying positions

Are your children getting stronger and bigger? Is it possible that your child might be able to be carried on your back or facing outwards? It might help to look through the instructions online or in the manual. Other useful tips can be found in the manual or online videos to help you decide if your baby is ready for a change of carrying position. Also, you will discover what adjustments are necessary to correctly set up your baby carrier.

BABYmatters tip It is important to keep your child upright while you hold them on your stomach with their faces outwards. To do this, place your hands under the bottom of your child’s head and push their buttocks up/forwards.

It’s comfortable for you and your child!

The extra weight you don’t feel should not be carried on your stomach or back. You can adjust the straps to make sure your baby feels comfortable.

BABYmatters tip Make sure the straps are easy to tighten and feel great. Comfort pads are removable and can make the carrying experience more comfortable.

Frog position for healthy hips

Are your baby’s legs straightened or dangling? If your baby’s legs are too extended or hanging down, they may not be able to adopt a good position for frog. This position places your child’s knees higher than the bottom. This is good for your child and their hips.

BABYmatters tip should you hold your baby on the belly facing outwards? Next, make sure they are in the proper position. An inflatable cushion can be added to a baby carrier, which will help you create a comfortable position.

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