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You must be a Christian father and you must be aware of these 2 things your daughter senses from you!

We want to be attentive to at least two areas that are crucial to our daughters’ perceptions of us. 1. When we interact with our daughters, it is important to take good “eye care”.

When we interact with our daughters, it is important to practice “standard keeping care”.

She “Senses” What Your Eyes are “Saying” to Her — Your eyes talk. They communicate, tell stories, replicate emotions, and switch between emotions. Wandering eyes often mimic ideas traveling in the same way: wandering. We might ask: Stop looking for long enough to see, but not staring — or worse, glaring — at people who have little or no positive causes. Stop making inner street trips to many less important places than the one you are standing in your daughter’s presence. Stop and ask for “you have all my attention”. Now, join your eyes with the words. Take the time to appreciate, delight, and laugh: don’t forget the laughter! She Feels Your Approval and Disapproval


This subtitle may read: She Senses Desappointment Covered In The Usually Misleading Guise of “Keeping The Standards.”) Work to get into your coronary heart and embark on a lifetime coaching journey that will have you being both fast to approve and slow to be appropriate. Yes, I know that fast to correct is a sign of godly knowledge. I am addressing a total mindset about this suggestion.

I worry that men of religion feel so pressured and burdened to keep the religion alive that… they lose sight of their ability to be grace-givers and give in to the inner drive to be the best “here’s how it must be done rules enforcer” or a typical keeper. Jesus actually let me know that I was a sinner. After I had first trusted Him, He certified me as my Savor. This was followed by many more.

But… He wrapped His arms around me in love, mentioning my short fall at the beginning of my religious journey. He continues to do the same after I fail it. Only as men of religion, we will pray that our daughters feel the same way. Sometimes, I don’t like the correction. One thing I do know is that he loves me and tries to balance grace and truth whenever I’m corrected. Respect the requirements that we have set. As we fulfill these requirements, you will be filled with love, reality and charm.¬†Reappoint, approve and affirm the person in every way possible.

Talking of Prayer… “Lord strengthen me in the practice to make great connections to my daughters using my eyes.” “Lord! As a man-of-faith please empower me as I create and maintain standards with my girls.