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These parenting tips will never go out of style

As the years pass, more devices, books, toys, and expertise are being created to aid in parenting. Some quaint parenting techniques may be able to withstand the test of time, no matter how much we might become. Singing to them to sleep

There are many sound machines. You can rub balms on baby’s stomachs or brows, or use electronic rotating mobiles with blinking lights to soothe them to sleep. However, none of these devices can replace the personal touch of a mom or dad to comfort a baby to sleep. My mom and dad used to sing to me to sleep in our tiny home.

They didn’t take singing lessons and although they might have both benefited from a Voice Coach, it wasn’t about their singing abilities. I felt calm and happy enough to let go of my worries and listen to the voice that protected me. After listening to him sing for months, my mom sent my dad to singing lessons so that he could sound even better. You shouldn’t eat quick meals, sweets or ice cream. That’s your bodily health. It does however do wonders for our overall emotional well-being. My mom and dad used to allow me to go to Taco Bell with my sister every week.

We would then follow that up with a trip to a sweet shop. Clear plastic bins were used to store various sweets. “10 cents per piece”, “50 cents each for 2 pieces”, and many other prices. Every $5, our dad and mom loaded us (which was a lot when you consider that we were eight years old!) We would sit down on the ground and count out every penny, check how much cash we had, and plan who would buy which sweets so that we covered all bases. We knew that today would come each weekend so we followed our mom’s advice to eat healthy throughout the week.

Hugs Children experience anxiety just like grownups. People can use video games, movies, and CDs to calm their children when they feel anxious or upset. Many of these were created by baby psychologists, who are experts in what calms babies down. However, I remember not having anything like this when I was a child. My mom and dad trusted my ability to calm me down. They would hug me and sit down with me to ask me what I was doing wrong. They might even listen to me when I was speaking nonsense, which I did a lot of since I was only 6 or 7 years old. They weren’t psychologists, but their presence and listening ear helped me.