The Truth About Baby Shoes

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The Truth About Baby Shoes

I can already hear moms asking me, “What? How is that possible? Babies and toddler shoes are everywhere Baby Shoes they are so cute!”

Here are 4 things parents need to know when it comes to early childhood footwear

It is better to be naked.

It is difficult to achieve gross motor milestones in the first year of your life. This involves both the nervous system and the muscular systems. Your baby may be “eating” his or her feet, and you’ll see it often. Your feet’s small muscles will be strengthened through these activities, including curling, wiggling their toes, bending and spreading them. Stable footing will help your toddler stand up and walk around furniture.

Babies are often flat-footed, which is okay.

Many studies have been performed to determine whether supporting the arch’s midfoot (an arch support), during the early stages of foot development can help speed up its development. Findings do not support the idea that footwear is necessary to help develop a healthy, normal foot arch. Flat feet are much less common in society that did not grow up without shoes.

It can be slow.

As a child grows older, his nervous system and muscles develop and the foot-strike changes to more closely resemble an adult’s. The leg bones of children naturally grow, strengthen, align and remodel during childhood. As the bones of the feet and legs mature, children’s “bow-legged appearance” will fade. This slow process is usually completed by 7 years old and it happens without the need for footwear.

Protection is what a shoe does.

You need shoes if your toddler or baby is going to be in hot, cold or bumpy places. They will need shoes. You should choose shoes that are lightweight and flexible. Shoes with leather soles are great for children just starting to learn to walk. By the time your toddler starts running, a shoe with a hard sole will be necessary.

For toddler shoes, you should fold the shoe in half. The shoe should bend at the middle. If the arch support of the shoe is found at the “ball” or middle of the foot, it’s likely that the shoe has some arch support. You should not allow your toddler to walk rigidly or unnaturally in a shoe that has arch support.

Baby shoes’ clever marketing can be misleading. Shoes are best used for protecting toddlers’ feet against the elements.

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