Toys for Developmental Babies based on Ages and Stages

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Newborn to Three Months

Contrary to popular opinion, infants and newborns do not develop their vision until they are in the early months of life. They only see black and white. Developmental Babies Baby Toys They are drawn by the human face and to voices. This is why they are so interested. At this point they start to be aware of their bodies and it is crucial to pay your attention to their feet and hands.

There are a few recommended toys for infants in this age:

  • Toys in white and black
  • Play mats
  • Rattles
  • Mobiles
  • Socks and wrist rattles

Kaloo Zig Music Rabbit Blue

A musical, hanging baby toy. Pull the ring down and listen to the wonderful music “Sounds of Silence” as it calms your baby. A smiley bunny face with hands and feet that are “squiggly”, to delight and amuse children.

Edu-Training Mat

The first mat for baby’s exercise. It is soft and colorful with mirrors for babies. This product is designed to stimulate and increase the lifting of the head, neck strength, and upper body strength.

ALEX Toys, Rattle & Teethe

Teething can be painful for infants However, Teethe, Shake, Rattle and Teethe can help. Bright, multi-textured rattles and colorful faces provide sensory stimulation for children’s minds. It is easy to hold and the rattle, shake Teeth Of Friends toys for babies are lightweight and portable. They are great for playtime, naptime or at any other times they’ll need a buddy to keep them company.

3-6 Months

Infants between three and six months can grasp and hold things. As many of you know, babies love to hold and grab objects. It could be due to the fact that infants begin to gain teeth during this period.

It is also common to see the majority of infants sitting on their stomachs at this period. After many times of pushing them on their knees they eventually learn how to sit up.

The following are great baby toys for children ages 3-6 months:

  • Teething rings
  • Oballs
  • Soft blocks
  • Play mats with toys that hang
  • Squeaky, soft toys
  • Finger puppets

Sensory Ball Set of 9

Mega Set Ball value pack. Green Triangle ball: 5″; Sensory See Me red ball 7″ Stripes two Sensit Me yellow and orange” A peanut purple ball 2 1/2″; two Massage Roll yellow and red balls 3″, Rainbow soft BalStripe’s 7″, ball 5″.

Curiosity Cubes

Each candy-colored cube is one secret. Figure it out by moving it around. Look inside and find the beads. Maneuver the cube until the beads land exactly where they belong. Four cubes, four skill levels. Are you up for the test?

Pals with Soft Pals

All three Soft Pals: Rattle Squeaker, Teether and Teether in one convenient gift box. The features are the same as the Soft Pals. They can be washed in the washing machine and are extremely easy to use!

Tube Shakers

Bursting with color and sound The Rainboshakers weigh only a few pounds but durable and easy to hold. You can shake the beads in a way that makes them rattle, or turn your head to hear them whirl. 16 rainbow shakers in various colors

Shake N’ Roll

Fun, thrilling and colourful rhythm set. The mix of soothing waves and soothing rain will provide an environment that is calm for toddlers and infants, and give them an early glimpse of world of music. Enhances and develops the ability to hear and see as well as introduces the idea of cause and effect.

6–9 Months

Baby’s fine motor skills are getting better. They start using pincer grasp around this time, which opens an entire new world of play.

Some babies start to crawl at this time.

And babies are starting to understand object permanence, which often leads to “stranger danger” fear and anxiety (absolutely normal).

Toys for infants this age:

  • Small balls
  • Toys and books that peek-a-boo are available
  • Toy cars, push toys and toy trucks
  • Soft dolls
  • Sensory

Puppet Playland

A great book for babies’ first books, delightful self-play, social playing and role-playing at its best, storytelling thinking skills and so much more! A beloved puppet that travels through an enchanting sky, ocean, city and forest in the sweet and vibrant book, provoking imagination along the way. The puppet is able to be used by itself, or integrated into the book.

EduFit Mega Pack

Edushape’s Edu-Fit series are all designed with high-contrast patterns, vibrant shades and a variety of textures that awaken baby’s senses and stimulate the most important aspects of development.

Sensory See Me Balls, 4″

Balls that inflate for nubby size of 4 inches (10 cm) with a durable “See-Through” design. Different colors (red, yellow, blue green) 4 different colors of balls per pack.

9-12 Months

  • The babies of this age are highly active and interested.
  • They are able to manipulate objects in a variety of ways, such as banging two toys together or freeing the toys from their grasps.
  • They enjoy the interaction with others, therefore social games are encouraged. Roll a ball across the floor or construct using blocks.

Your child who is almost one year old benefit from these toys

  • Fabric tunnels
  • Push toys with four-wheels
  • Ftacking and nesting toys
  • Bouncy balls
  • Bubbles
  • Mega blocks are large building blocks.

Deluxe Starter Set

  • An introduction set that will incite creativity, logic, and sense of accomplishment.
  • You can build an entire tower and then take it down!
  • Contribute to the development of early math skills.
  • It is important to understand how things function.
  • The Stacking Stay Tray(TM) help even the youngest child to make stacks.

The vision of a newborn is not fully developed as of birth and she is unable to see all shades. Red is the first color she’ll be able to recognize. Other colors like blue aren’t visible until 3 months old.


Baby will be thrilled by these 14 pieces of pop fun! They ‘pop’ when little fingers connect or disconnect them. Bright and engaging colors in five different designs are available for children to explore. They’ll love spilling them out of the containers and squirting them out of the container, too. It is suitable for infants as small as 50lbs.

Patchwork Mat & Blocks Set – Primary

Extremely soft and luxurious, the main colour Patchwork Toddler Mat is great for both active play and rest time. The mat measures 1.5 inches thick and provides a secure, comfy place for kids to unwind or listen to music or just roll around. Constructed of high-density foam covered with a soft and sturdy polyurethane, phthalate-free material that keeps children safe as playing. The bold colors appeal to children and toddlers, no matter if they’re playing at home or in daycare. For the ultimate playtime set make sure to add the soft toddler blocks. Toddler blocks are the right size for small hands! Help children match the colors on the mat in order to teach color recognition and manual manipulation.

Textured blocks

Safe, Soft durable textured foam blocks of various sizes, colors and shapes. Excellent product for stamping, building and stimulates touch senses with the texture of the surface. Set includes: 80 assorted block shapes and sizes, colours comprise Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and more.

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