Butterfly Theme Baby Shower: For Ideas

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The beauty and uniqueness of Butterfly Theme Baby Shower makes them a wonderful choice for a baby shower theme. It will be a memorable party that mom-to-be will remember. This is a great choice for summer or spring showers.

You can also use the same decorating style for the baby’s shower if the mother-to-be decides to decorate her nursery with butterflies. You can also check out our budget-friendly planning tips for a Butterfly Theme Baby Shower.

A baby shower themed around butterflies can be very fun, especially if you use stamps to make the invitations, decorate the room with butterfly mobile banners, and serve healthy appetizers and salads as the food.

Invitations a Butterfly Theme Baby Shower

Because butterflies are so popular, it won’t be difficult to find butterfly invitations. You can find butterfly invitations in many colors. All you need to do is to match the decorations in your party hall.

You could also look in a hobby shop for butterfly wallpaper punchers or stamps to make the perfect invitations. You will need to buy beautiful colored paper and use the stamps to create handmade invitations for your butterfly-themed baby shower.

Butterfly Theme Baby Shower Decorations

You can choose a pretty pink or purple theme for a beautiful butterfly theme. It is possible to buy silk or nylon butterflies that can be hung on your ceiling or walls. You can also make butterflies from icing and put it on cupcakes.

Spread butterfly confetti with the same butterfly puncher that was used to create the invitations. You can also print a larger image of a butterfly from Google and then cut it out. To do this, you should use thick cardstock paper but not so thick that it would jam your printer. Jays.designs13 uses beautiful baby’s breath flowers. You can make little bunting to decorate cupcakes and cakes with these butterflies. You can also fold the wings slightly so that they look more natural and appealing. Mylar balloons used to only be available at party shops, but they are now available in grocery stores and dollar stores. A dollar store is the best place to buy butterfly habitat balloons. They are only one dollar per piece and you can fill your party room with them.

A butterfly cutout banner can transform any wall into a stunning backdrop of butterflies. The garland is made of sturdy card stock and sewn with thread. The best thing about the garland is its ability to be reused. Imagine how cute this garland could be as a mobile for your baby’s crib.

Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

These butterfly cupcake toppers can transform plain cupcakes into stunning creations. These toppers come in twelve sets and will amaze your guests. The cupcake toppers shown are pale pink. You can change the colors to suit your baby shower. You can order matching cupcake toppers if you plan to serve cake and cupcakes.

3D Butterfly Toppers

These 3D-looking butterflies toppers would look adorable on cupcakes. These intricately cut butterflies have two layers that create a 3D effect. These toppers can be used to decorate other desserts, or even for marking the drinks of guests who don’t like cupcakes. These butterflies are approximately 3 inches in height and come in a cellophane bag.

Butterfly Diaper Cake

This diaper cake will be the center of attention at your Butterfly Theme Baby Shower party. This diaper cake would make a beautiful centerpiece for a baby shower with a butterfly theme. It would also make an excellent gift for the mother-to-be. The diaper cake contains 49 high-quality, disposable diapers. The cake is decorated using pink and purple ribbons, purple flowers, and butterflies.

Butterfly-themed Baby Shower Food

It may be a smart idea to serve healthy food at the baby shower themed on butterflies, if mom-to-be is mindful of her diet. A Butterfly-Themed Baby Shower: Each friend can bring a platter of food. There can be half a dozen salads, other healthy appetizers, or a simple meatball and chicken salad. The only sweet treat is the cupcakes, mini butterflies pastry cookies, and a butterfly cake.

You can make butterfly-shaped chip cookies cutters to create finger food. These cutters can be used to cut salami, cheese and bread. A bow-tie pasta salad dish can also be a great idea for a baby shower.

Butterfly Cake Pops

You will satisfy your guests’ cravings while also sending them home with something they will enjoy. This spring Butterfly Theme Baby Shower cake pop comes in a variety of pastel-colored butterflies, making them ideal for spring!