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Scrap Baby is a character from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator game, also known as FnaF6. She is a scrapped, messed-up Circus Baby from FnaF Sister Location. Heather Masters is her voice actor. It appears that she was burned in a fire or some other terrible event.


Scrap Baby is the scrapped version Sister Location’s Circus Baby. She is green with ripped eyebrows and eyelashes. Her hair is realistic and has different colors. Her lips and cheeks are pink and she has sharp teeth. cetaphil baby wash has damaged parts under her lips and undressed her right eye. Baby has a black claw on her right arm that is crowned with teeth and has a hook on the other. Baby’s dress has been ripped and damaged due to faulty wiring. Her feet are little skates. Just Scrap Baby is an extremely creepy character.


  • Monday

After you have finished the first part of the throw the pizza at kids, you will sit down at a table next to Scrap Baby with a piece of paper and a cassette. Cassette Guy, voiced by David Steele, will tell you that baby skateboarding was discovered outside the building. You need to check if she moves using audio prompts. Cassette Guy will basically play three audio prompts. If she moves, you can check Yes on the paper. If she doesn’t move, check No. Baby will move towards the Cassette guy when the Cassette guy attempts to play the fourth prompt. The Night 1 short beginning ends.

  • Thursday (and Beyond)

1. You will be placed on the same salvaged table as Monday, except that you must shock the animatroncs when they move after you lift the clipboard to record the prompt results. If she does not move, you will be shocked the next time you lift the clipboard. After you’ve completed all five audio prompts, you will be awarded the Salvage part. It will then take you to the Wednesday Tycoon results.

2. Scrap Baby can come from either the right or left vents in the office. Stop what you’re doing and listen for them to crawl through the vent. She will then eventually go. This is true for all nights. Scrap Baby first appeared in “The Freddy Files”, the final page of the official guidebook.

3. Scrap Baby was known as “Freakshow Baby” before her official name was revealed. This was due to the clown poster that baby pigeons wore from The Freddy Files, which had the word FREAK underneath it.

One of Scrap Baby’s rare death images shows what appears to be the “Twisted Wolf”, from Five Nights at Freddy’s The Twisted Ones.

Ennard appears to have removed Scrap Baby (Molten Freddy) The dialogue between Scott Games’ and FNAH Worlds’ websites shows that baby onesies and Ennard were having an argument. However, Ballora and Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy stay and instead of Ennard appearing, they take on the form of Molten Freddy.

Scrap Baby’s voice is slightly sinister than the original Baby.

This could be due to Elizabeth’s years of being an animatronic, which has corrupted her mind in the game Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.

Scrap Baby is an antagonist in UCN.

Scrap Baby is one the UCN characters who are associated with/conflicted over Michael Afton. The others being William Afton & Ennard.